Primary Care

Dr. Patel offers all the tenants of traditional primary care; wellness visits, disease prevention, health maintenance, counseling, patient education, and diagnosis of chronic illness but he offers other tenants to his practice that brings all aspects of health in to focus.

Dr. Patel believes an integral part of primary care should be observing environmental, generational, mental and food related factors as part of an overall wellness practice. By working with patients to discover the root issue of many of their ailments, Dr. Patel strives not to solve the ailments or symptoms but rather the systemic cause and eradicate illness at the source.

As a primary care physician, Dr. Patel looks to work with insurance companies to help educate them on the solutions he offers working individually with each patient to develop a treatment that doesn’t just focus on solving immediate problems, but also focuses on how to maintain those solutions and improve wellness. 

When under the care of Dr. Patel as a primary care provider, many patients will be surprised to learn about their body in ways they were not familiar before. Dr. Patel offers the services of a registered dietician, a marriage and family therapist, intravenous treatment for nutrition deficiency and potential metal toxicity. Seeking to develop a healthy lifestyle to fit each individual, Dr. Patel meets each patient where they are to help solve their specific issue, and then educates and encourages them to continue seeking a path to long-lasting health in a preventative way.