Chelation (Metal Toxicity) Therapy

Chelation (Metal Toxicity)

When metals like lead, mercury, iron and arsenic build up in a body, then can produce adverse reactions. Chelation therapy is a treatment that utilizes medicine to remove the metals in the body, to reduce sickness. It can be used to treat heart disease, autism, and other conditions. 

The most important therapeutic maneuver in many cases of metal toxicity is to remove the heavy metal from the body. Some common symptoms of metal toxicity can be headaches, nausea, fatigue but the symptoms vary. Chelation is an important treatment protocol for the removal of toxic metals such as lead and mercury from the body’s bloodstream and tissues. A chelation effect can be induced when certain supplements, such as some amino acids, are taken orally. The strongest chelation effect is achieved with intravenous chelation. 

Intravenous chelation therapy is used for the removal of toxic minerals such as lead from the body. Repeated administration of chelating agents reduces blood vessel inflammation caused by specific toxic metals and to reduce the body’s total load of those metals, especially lead. 

Valley Natural Health offers intravenous chelation to alleviate the ailments and toxic levels in the blood that have been linked to several environmental exposures such as air, food, water, dental amalgams and more which are known to cause chronic disease.